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Kaga Maki-e

Posted Feb 10, 2016 by Platinum Japan Client / Platinum / Japan / Fountain / Pens / Stationery

On February 20 (Sat), 2016, Platinum Pen Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, President: Toshiya Nakata) will launch new fountain pens with four barrel designs of Kaga maki-e, adding to our collection of Izumo brand, which is a luxury fountain pen created with the highest quality of craftsmanship. New products are “Hon-Urushi Taka Maki-e Takisansui,” “Hon-Urushi Taka Maki-e Hama no Matsu (Shore Pine),” “Hon-Urushi Hira Maki-e Hama no Matsu (Shore Pine)” and “Hon-Urushi Raden Maki-e Urokomon.” This time, we applied ebonite as the material for the barrel that has been used before a plastic molding was invented. In addition, the barrel was changed to a thicker design from the standard design that has been used for 25 years so as to enhance the charms of the material. The state-of-the-art Kaga maki-e decoration is done by Kaga maki-e artist Sohkou Ooshita, all hand crafted through several months of work and with highly skilled technique.


Izumo Yakumonuri

Posted Nov 16, 2015 by Platinum Japan Client / Platinum / Japan / Fountain / Pens / Stationery

On November 20, 2015, Platinum Pen Co., Ltd (Headquarters: Tokyo, President: Toshiya Nakata) will launch three Yakumonuri fountain pens: “Yakumo Byakudan,” “Ginsen Yakumo,” and “Togi Yakumo,” using the painting of the ceiling of the Izumo Shrine as a motif, adding to our current existing “Izumo” luxury fountain pen brand. We have applied an ebonite barrel to all of the three models, which is known as the best material to be used in the body of a fountain pen for its heat resistant performance. The arising sea of clouds, which are the symbolic image of the Izumo Shrine, are expressed with the maki-e technique, and the floating clouds painted on the ceiling of the Izumo Shrine, are used as a motif and described brightly with colored urushi. Yakumonuri technique applies several coatings of sukiurushi (transparent lacquer), in which urushi becomes increasingly more transparent with time, thus the pattern starts slightly to emerge, changing into a deeper and richer pattern within its glossy finish. This streamlined king size design offers a relaxed writing that does not need the cap on the back of their pens.